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4 Rules For First Time Growers

by Guest Author 25 Jan 2016

All faces are a stage, And all follicles merely players; Beard Up.

At least, that’s all I was concerned with in my stages of manhood. Growing a beard whether as a novice or veteran, needs to be done properly. Health, care, and perseverance beget great things including a luxurious beard. There are a lot of “step-by-steps” and “how tos” out there, but the growth time-line is simple. It’s the beginning of a new era in your life and you have decided to grow a fleece of fine tassels; follow the ForestBare beard-procuring follicology and we’ll take you from a Law Abiding Citizen to King Leonidas.

Rule # 1-Resist Temptation

The beginning stages of a beard will either make or break the next 6-8 weeks of growth. It’s more along the lines of things not to do. Don’t trim, shave, or “line up” in the initial stages. The first couple weeks foreshadow your follicle tale and the journey that you will embark upon. You’ll see where hair grows and doesn’t, as well as accentuation points that will determine your beard style options (We’ll revisit this shortly.)

During the first couple weeks you will endure the itch of a thousand mighty mighty follicles piercing through your puerile face defense. You’ll want to scratch but don’t. For, it will only antagonize further irritation and dandruff. You’ll want to shave, but don’t. You’ll want to even it out for fear of social persecution but don’t. You, of all people where the shroud of beardom and will overcome this perilous duration of growth. Commit to the beard and it will commit itself to you.

Rule #2 – Care

As the beard begins to itch and your perseverance breaks, look into moisturizers and oils.

Seriously, I don’t mention these for no reason. If you’re unable to deal with the honor of beard itch, then oil up-it’ll only make you stronger in the long run as well as prevent ingrown hairs, split ends, and assist in the growth process via nutrients and essential oils.

Through Weeks 3-5 you’ll begin to see a more vivid infrastructure of your mane. It is imperative to maintain its glory and enhance its girth as well ensure it’s presentable. Switch up your typical shampoo and conditioning routine. Typically you shouldn’t be shampooing everyday or condition after every wash. Some choose to use soaps instead of regular hair shampoo. You really need to find out, depending on your follicle type, how often you should be shampooing and or conditioning (this is why I make appointments to a professional once a month or two to stay up to date and gain more knowledge). For myself, my beard stylist insists that with my constant 4-5monther to shampoo once a week and condition once a week. I have a naturally soft beard and don’t need to compound hindering chemicals. You may be different. Try with a twice a week schedule and over a few weeks you’ll see how the texture of your beard changes from under shampooing to over shampooing etc.

Rule #3- Health

Your beard is what you put into it. If you’re not brushing, you’ll develop lackluster and mangy follicles. If you’re not eating nutritiously, then your beard isn’t gaining vital minerals and vitamins to be the best it can be. I’m not preaching as hard as Jack Passion with beard nutrient supplementation but he does have a point. Once I began my love and dedication to the Beard and Mustache world via competitions and clubs, I noticed my appreciation for not just how my beard looked but also my self along with how to maintain both. Okay, let’s not get too mushy on this post, moving on.

Oils and moisturizers both contribute to hair follicle health, skin health, and inevitably overall presentation. Weeks 5-8 are the best weeks to grow acumen of the essential oils your beard follicles need to frolic in the fellowship of fierce beardom- phew. Developing a routine for maintenance and botanical administration will separate you from the naturals and beget you a class of your own. Check out other posts on full beard maintenance as well as the shop for oil and botanical recommendations.

Rule # 4

Finally, enjoy your beard and everything it means to you. The experience you’ve gained is within those follicles of determination and commitment. You’ve grown passed the animosity from veteran beardren, you’ve surpassed your crustache and patchy leopard stage of manhood and finally are on the stage for all to see. Beard on, beardren. Congratulations on your commitment and follicle force be with you.

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